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Solar Power Battery Charging Systems

A solar charging system will allow you to use your RV's internal devices longer without the need for shore power or a generator. Our Systems are designed to keep your RV batteries strong so that they last longer and perform better! The solar electric controllers included in our systems have a built in regulator that will protect your batteries from overcharging.

A solar charging system is a great way to maintain your batteries for maximum life and reserve capacity. Batteries will last longer over time when they are kept charged. A battery that sits for a long time with no activity is likely to lose its life expectancy over time due to plate sulfation. Spending 300+ dollars on batteries is an investment worth maintaining, so protect your batteries with a solar power system designed to last 20 years and beyond!

Solar Panel

All of our solar panels are highly durable and require very little maintenance. The frame of the solar panel is constructed of high grade lightweight aluminum, and the solar cells are protected with a layer of transparent acrylic. Each panel comes with a limited manufacturers warranty covered for 25 years!


What are the Benefits of Solar Charging?

A solar power charging system on your RV is a clean, efficient, Earth-friendly way to produce
free 12v electricity for your RV. Experience the freedom of going anywhere in the world
while having unlimited electricity available to power your electronic devices!

Not only will you have unsurpassed convenience of free power, you will also have peace of
mind knowing that you will never be stranded with a dead battery!

Solar Power systems are safe, effective, and cost efficient. A one-time investment in a high
quality solar charging system will provide you with many years of worry-free
battery charging anywhere in the world under the sun!


Horizontal RV Rooftop Mount

A very low maintenance and highly effective way to securely mount your solar panels to the roof of your RV without having to adjust the pitch towards the sun.

Solar panels mounted horizontally will generally produce adequate energy production per day. Adjustable mounts will allow a slight gain in energy production, but require you to climb up on the roof to adjust the pitch of the solar panel as needed.



Highest Quality Components and Workmanship

We offer a selection of quality products that have proven themselves to be efficient and durable through time. The components we recommend for each individual application will cater to your specific needs and budget no matter how big or small.

Our Solar panels, controllers, inverters, roof mounts, batteries, transfer switches, fuses, and even our wires are made specially for mobile RV applications, and are backed with manufacturers warranties.

Empyreal Solar guarantees
a 1 year workmanship warranty!

Our customers deserve the best quality!


"How much will I spend to get my RV equipped with Solar Panels?"

To determine exactly which system will be best for you, we invite you to contact us with your questions.
Below are some ballpark estimates based on the general public's favorite picks!

Prices include Solar System, Labour, and Mobile Service Fee.
(No Inverter)

Small Slide-in Camper or Converted Van:
Typical Range: 80-140 Watts
Average Cost: $750-$1250

Medium sized travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer:
Typical Range: 135-250 Watts
Average Cost: $1100-$1700

Large 5th wheel trailer, Motorhome, or Diesel Pusher:
Typical Range: 250-750 Watts
Average Cost: $1600-$2870

We can design and build any electrical system you can imagine! If you want the ability to live in your RV comfortably with all the luxury of home, we can set you up with everything to make that possible!

No job too big or too small... the sky is the limit!

We can also work with you if you are on a tight budget!
Even a massive Diesel Pusher Motorhome can benefit from a small 50 watt solar panel.

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