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We are Alberta's mobile Solar and Inverter Specialists!
Sales and Installations for RVs, Cabins, Service Trucks, and More!

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Empyreal Solar specializes in the electrical systems in your RV, Truck, or Cabin. We supply and install complete AC and DC electrical systems including Solar Power, Inverters, Batteries and much more! Empyreal Solar performs clean and professional installations and repairs at your location anywhere in Alberta!

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• Solar Panel systems - For basic off-grid battery charging
• Inverters
- To operate 120 volt AC devices from batteries
• Converters
- To charge 12 volt DC batteries from shoreline
• Deep Cycle Batteries
- AGM, Lead Acid, Gel, and Lithium

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The Empyreal Advantage

Empyreal Solar is mobile, and is available to anyone in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. Don't worry about packing up your rig to bring to us because, we come to you! A friendly and professional service technician will meet you at your location and perform the installation or repair on-site! Relax and enjoy the convenience of next day service without hassle! You can have "Peace-Of-Mind" knowing that our customers are very important to us.

Specializing in: RVs (Recreational Vehicles), Off-grid electrical systems, automotive electrical systems, and much more!

• Class A and C Motorhomes
• 5th Wheels
• Bumper Pull Travel Trailers
• Park Models
• Slide-in Campers
• Horse Trailers with Living Quarters
• Busses and Diesel Pushers
• Converted Vans
• Pop-up and Tent Trailers
• Service Vans and Trucks
• Yachts and Houseboats

Do you have a special request not mentioned above? Please feel free to inquire using our Contact Us page.

Empyreal Solar has completed many different types of projects!

• Cabins on remote locations
• Backup powered wireless security cameras
• Solar powered driveway gates
• Solar Powered Greenhouses
• Tiny House electrical systems
• Car Audio, Backup Cameras, and more!

Empyreal Solar Service Van


Empyreal Solar offer only top quality brands from leading manufacturers.

When you invest your money in a power system for your RV, Cabin, or Work Vehicle, you want high quality products that have stood the test of time! Don't waste your money on cheap knock-off brands from foreign manufacturers with no electrical standard seal of approval. The few dollars you save may look good now, but could come back to bite you when the cheap product fails shortly after without a good warranty.

Kyocera Samlex Armada
Jinko Solar Panels Outback Inverters Enerwatt Technologies
Magnum MorningStar Trojan Batteries
Kisae US Batteries Xantrex
Victron Energy Q Cells Rolls Battery Engineering


• What is a solar panel?

A solar panel (also known as a photovoltaic module) is a device that captures photons of light from the Sun and then converts them into an electric current. RV solar panels generate electricity and can be used to charge and maintain the batteries in an RV. This is essential for RVers who enjoy camping for a few days, weeks, or even months at a time without the need for a generator or shore power. The solar panel will recharge the 12 volt DC batteries used by the RV's electrical system to prevent the batteries from discharging.

• Why should I get solar panels on my RV?

Today's solar technology is far more advanced than you may think, and is becoming more affordable every year! An RV with a solar charging system becomes a mobile power plant on wheels and is a source of constantly renewing electricity that can be used anywhere! Charge your camera and laptop batteries on a photography expedition in the mountains, or crank up the tunes with your friends on a camping trip and never worry about the batteries going dead! The electricity is free and clean, so leave the noisy air polluting generator at home, and bring with you the silent, clean, and efficient way to create free, sustainable electricity. Get on the solar bandwagon, and join a revolution that could eventually be this planet's saving grace!

Empyreal Solar Panel

• What is an inverter, and why is it useful?

An inverter is a device that draws 12 volt DC power from the batteries to supply power to your 120 volt AC household devices (TVs, Computers, Microwaves, etc.) in a mobile application such as RVing. Inverters generate 120 volt AC power that is similar, or better in some cases, to the power in your home. The 12 volt DC power from your RV batteries gets amplified and transformed into an AC sine wave. By doing that, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch some TV in the mountains or a parking lot without the need to run a generator. You could even save money by excluding RV Campsite electrical bills altogether and use your own electricity... free of charge!

Empyreal Solar Inverter



Suki Manj
I have used Chris on two ocassions. He installed a 100 watt solar panel, two 6 volt deep cycle batteries, a 2300 watt inverter in my 2007 Forest River Forester C Class motorhome. He did an outstanding job and the price was less than half of the lowest dealership quote. I sold the motorhome and bought a 2008 Fuzion Toyhauler 5th Wheel and he just installed a 120 watt solar panel and a 2500 watt inverter. Again, the work was excellent. You could never tell any work had been done as he did a professional job. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for sun power.
Keep it up Chris.

Brad Michael
Hey Chris!!! Thanks for the great service, I can't beleive you were able to squeeze in the installation so close to the May Long weekend!!! My camper is ready to go, thanks for getting this done and assisting in the planning stages for our solar system.
Phil Sorensen
Chris did a great job on my 27ft Arctic Fox which he installed four 80 watt panels. He was very professional and I am going to use his services again when I decide to get an inverter put in. Thanks again Chris!!!
Angel Caley
We recently had Chris come out and install a solar system to power our automated driveway gate. We are so impressed with Chris and his knowledge/skills with the solar system. He went above and beyond to make this work for us.. We can't thank him enough for his work from start to finish and I look forward to recommending him to others for all their solar power needs!
Marc LeCleare
Hi Chris, thank you for such a great job on my trailer! You put everything together so neat and clean which is something I really respect about your work. The inverter is very well hidden but I can still easily access it through the compartment door. I'll let you know how everything works once we get back from Colorado next month. Thanks again!

Bill Visscher
Chris installed a solar system at our cabin recently and we were very happy with his work! He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Chris!

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