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Solar Power Battery Charging Systems

A solar charging system will allow you to use your RV's electrical devices longer without the need for shore power or a generator. Our Systems are designed to keep your RV batteries strong so that they last longer and perform better! The solar controllers included in our systems have a built in regulator that will protect your batteries from overcharging with either a PWM or MPPT algorhythm.

A solar charging system is a great way to maintain your batteries for maximum life and reserve capacity. Batteries will last longer over time from proper maintainance with a steady voltage. A battery sitting for long periods with low voltage or no charge will lose its life expectancy due to inner plate sulfation. Spending money on batteries is an investment worth maintaining, so protect your batteries with a solar system designed to last 20 years and beyond.

Solar Panel

MPPT Controller

Solar Controllers (Regulators)

Our Solar Charging Systems includes either a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type controller, or an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) type controller with a digital display. This display will show you the battery voltage, electron flow into the batteries, and on some of the more advanced controllers, reminaining Amp Hours, solar panel voltage, wattage being generated, and more! Some of our controllers even feature Bluetooth Connectivity so you can monitor your solar charging system's performance on your mobile device!

PWM: A basic charging algorhythm designed to regulate the flow of electrons from the solar module into your battery. A simple and more affordable option for effective battery charging through solar.

MPPT: A more advanced method of capturing photons of light from the solar module that will generate more electrical current by continuously searching for the "max power" from your current lighting conditions. This is the best option to capture as much power from your solar module as possible.


What are the Benefits of Solar Charging?

A solar power charging system on your RV is a clean, efficient, Earth-friendly way to produce
free electricity for your batteries. Experience the freedom of going anywhere in the world
while having unlimited electricity available to power your electronic devices!

Not only will you have unsurpassed convenience of free power, you will also have peace of
mind knowing that you will never be stranded with a dead battery!

Solar Power systems are safe, effective, and cost efficient. A one-time investment in a high
quality solar charging system will provide you with many years of worry-free
battery charging anywhere in the world under the sun!


Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible Solar Panels

Empyreal Solar also offer optional flexible solar panels that are much lighter and thinner than traditional rigid solar modules, and can be flush mounted to your roof with almost no profile! Ideal for vans, popup tent trailers, yachts, and houseboats! These flexible solar modules are also great for roofs with hard curves where mounting a rigid panel would be challenging.



Horizontal RV Rooftop Mount

An effective way to securely mount your solar panels to the roof of your RV. Perfect for Recreational Vehicles that are on the move! No need for adjustments as they are stationary and permanently affixed to the roof.

The panel is weather proof against rain, hail, snow, and sand, and requires very little maintenance. Simply wipe the panel with a wet rag to clean the surface from debris. Installation ensures a tight seal to prevent leaks and disconnection in high winds or while travelling.



Foldable Portable Solar Kits

Need a portable solar charging solution? Empyreal Solar offers folding suitcase-type solar kits that you can carry with you!

Kits ranging from 100 watts, to 150 watt kits with included MPPT controller for maximum power harvest and wires to connect to a battery bank!

Set up is easy! To deploy, simply unzip and remove the rigid solar kit from the included carry bag, open the panels, drop the legs, aim towards the sun, and clamp on to a deep cycle battery or plug into a Solar Ready receptacle on the outside of your coach. These portable solar kits can adequately charge a 12 or 24 Volt battery bank on the fly with no installation required. These folding solar kits are an exceptional value if you need powerful solar charging without it being locked down to a single application.

These portable folding solar kits are also capable of charging multiple battery types such as deep cycle lead acid, AGM, Gel, Lithium, and high output starting chassis batteries.

Folding Solar Kit


"How much will I spend to get my RV equipped with Solar Panels?"

To determine exactly which system will be best for you, we invite you to contact us with your questions.
Below are some ballpark estimates based on the general public's favorite picks!

Prices include Solar System, Labour, and Mobile Service Fee.
(No Inverter, batteries, or extras)

Small Slide-in Camper or Converted Van:
Typical Range: 80-185 Watts
Average Cost: $800-$1250

Medium sized travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer:
Typical Range: 185-310 Watts
Average Cost: $1250-$1850

Large 5th wheel trailer, Motorhome, or Diesel Pusher:
Typical Range: 310-930 Watts
Average Cost: $1850-$3000


No job too big or too small... the sky is literally the limit!

Empyreal Solar can design, build, and install any electrical system you require! If you need the ability to live in your RV comfortably off-grid with all the luxuries of home, let us make it happen for you!

We can also work with you if you are on a tight budget. There are some misconceptions about whether or not you can have too much solar or too little of a battery bank, and so on. The fact is, our systems are very versatile and can adapt to your particular battery bank regardless of the size of your solar array.
Even a massive Diesel Pusher Motorhome can benefit from a small 50 watt solar panel!



Highest Quality Components and Workmanship

We offer a selection of quality products that have proven themselves to be efficient and durable through time. The components we recommend for each individual application will cater to your specific needs and budget no matter how big or small.

Our Solar panels, controllers, inverters, roof mounts, batteries, transfer switches, fuses, and even our wires are made specially for mobile RV applications, and are backed with manufacturers warranties.

Empyreal Solar guarantees our work and offers
a 1 year workmanship warranty!


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