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I purchased one of your RV Walk-Thru videos about a year ago... I am a RV Instructor with American Modern Insurance and I used this video in my training classes... I put on a 3-1/2 hour training seminar three times a year and use your video throughout the class...

My experience in the RV business, comes from running a RV Service Dept for over 20 years...
The adjusters that go through the class do not know anything about RV's...
We have class time and hands on training... Your video is the greatest!
Please keep my e-mail address and let me know if you offer anything else...

Janice Cook, RV Specialist, American Modern Insurance

Tim & Sherry,

As I said in an earlier note, I received the DVD in the mail yesterday. I watched it this morning. Great job! I learned some things that I'm sure will make for safer and more enjoyable camping in our new motorcoach. I'm certain having the information has saved me a lot more than the purchase price of the DVD. I would recommend it to any beginning campers. I hate to admit that after camping in a travel trailer for the past five years, there were some things that I was enlightened about.

Thanks again,
Eric Sanders

Dear Sherry and Tim Collard,

I've ordered, received, and watched your "RV Walk-Thru" dvd and can't say enough about how much I enjoyed it. One thing I particularly liked about the dvd was not only how to fix a problem but also knowing when an actual technician was needed. You explained everything in such an easy to understand manner with a tint of humour that can't be matched. Furthermore, I'll be going back to each technical section when necessary with the confidence that I'll now be able to solve any problem myself.

What I enjoyed the most was the fact that this was an all-in-one video covering all the technical issues and not a $30 per article video. I saved on that fact alone. Again, thanks ever so much and should you ever put out another dvd/video please let me know as I'll definitely be ordering it.

Keep singing, Tim, you might become the ZZ Top of Rv's, lol.

Glen Nairn


Thank you for sending this wonderful e-book! To tell the truth I had totally forgotten about it! Thanks to your commitment to customer service, I am able to learn even more about the upkeep and maintenance required in an RV. The scary stories included are real eye openers and will help keep me from committing similar mistakes. I look forward to acquiring any further DVDs or e-books you may publish on this subject, I say this with some trepidation as it may be taken as an endorsement of Tim's singing ;-), The DVD was very well made and the presentation and explanations were very clear and enjoyable, please keep up the good work, again thank you!


I was not aware that I would be receiving the above noted e-book. The dvd "The Basics" is a lifesaver. It explains in simple terms "how to". I am only beginning to go through the dvd and already figured out how to open the awning. If the rest of the video is as good, I have made an excellent choice.

This is just what I wanted and should be part of every sale of a trailer to an individual. Rest assured I will be telling/showing my friends about the dvd. Thanks!

G.Dennis Robertson

Hi Sherry,

The DVD is excellent it has been so helpful. The owner manual that came with our RV Sunseeker really did not give a lot of the how to's that I needed to know. We just bought it last Sept. and we only used it the one time in the fall for a week trip to the mountain, at that time I did not have your DVD and I wished I had. It was an adventure but we got everything running properly and enjoyed our week but probably spent triple the time figuring out little things that your DVD explains so well.

I can't wait to use it again in March and I feel so much better having watched your DVD and actually practicing in my driveway. I plan on watching it again just so I refresh my mind since you really don't remember everything until you do it a few times, at least that's how I am!

Just wanted to let you know that not only did I enjoy your video but what makes it so good is everything is explained visually and verbally in layman terms. I will recommend this to the RV dealer in my area next time I am in there. Since they really couldn't recommend anything but the manual although they tried to help as much as possible. I know they will direct their customers to your DVD.

Thank you and I look forward to reading the E-Book.

Have a good weekend!

Holly J. Richardson


Your "Walk Thru" DVD has been extremely helpful. My wife and I (and our 3 small boys) just got our first RV (a '94 27' class C motorhome) and I didn't have a clue how things worked. Simple things like the awning - when I first got the rig home, I extended the awning, but knew something wasn't right and couldn't figure it out. Your DVD arrived a couple days later, and after watching it, I ran outside and set it up perfect in a couple minutes.

We took our maiden voyage this last weekend, with several friends who have RVs. Instead of fumbling through everything and looking like a rookie, I felt like a veteran RV'er, because of your DVD.

Reading through this E-book, many things have been cleared up. I'm continually saying to myself, "Well that makes sense." and "Boy that's a good idea."

Thanks for not keeping all these tips an RV tech secret. I'm guessing that the preventive maintenance tips you have included will save me thousands of dollars over time.

Thanks again,


Hi Sherry,

Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed the RV Walk Thru. It helped me with a problem I was having regarding leaking pipes. I put a regulator on and everything is great. I’m new to the RV world and now live in my Fifth Wheel so your video is invaluable. Also the video was very entertaining. I will recommend it to everyone I know.

Many thanks,

Gary Vickers

Sherry & Tim,

We loved your DVD! We are brand new rv'ers so it will be very helpful. Owning a motorhome has been our dream since we were married nearly 42 years ago!

My "Tim" will officially retire July, 2008. We accidentally found a notice for a Holiday Rambler for sale. It was a price we could not afford to turn down. We have had it a bit over a month now, and are learning more every day. I call it our "Play House".

Also, thank you so much for your email book!! I am presently printing it to put in our RV notebook. Haven't read it yet, but just scanning it, I can see it will be great information.

Thank you both. Take care of each other and "Happy Trails!" to you as you travel, too.

Blanche & Tim Swanston

Tim and Sherry,

Enjoyed the DVD. It has been very helpful. Several of your suggestions/warnings have saved us a lot of grief. We keep the DVD loaded on our video player when we travel in case we need help. And when we are remote, Tim's music provides us entertainment. Our condolences to Sherry.

Keep us informed of your future updates.


Dick and Jane and our dog Spot

Hi Sherry,

I was able to print out the RV Tech Tips Book. Your tape was a lot of help, thanks for making it. Sure wish your husband was closer, my husband could sure use his help. My husband does a lot of his own work on our RV, it gets too expensive to have it done. We are both retired and on a limited income, so we have to watch our pennies.

Anyway thanks again for sending the E-Book.

The Praters Wayvern and Vivian

Hi guys,

Just read your e-book. Great info and along with the superb DVD you guys have put together, my wife and I will certainly enjoy our RV'ing time that much more, especially, now that I can get that awning up and down properly.

Thanks much!


My apologies for not emailing sooner about the video - RV Walk-Thru. We had just purchased a used Class C Mini-Motor Home and were a little overwhelmed with all the features. We have tent camped and had pop-up trailers before but never anything this "loaded". Another couple we know had purchased a very expensive motor home last fall and made two major mistakes that they could have avoided if they had seen this video first. We made sure our best friends, who are in the process of looking for a motor home, saw this video with us. We learned even more the second time we watched it. I can't thank you enough for sharing your expertise with RV owners and "wanna be's" and for saving us from an empty wallet and much frustration! I have just glanced over the E-book and can see where that will be just as valuable. As to the "hokie" parts of the video, quit apologizing. I personally think it made what could be a dry subject more enjoyable. Just don't give up your "day" job for music!

Beverley Williams

We just bought a 2000 Jayco from Eldorado here in Lethbridge and received your DVD from them for new motorhomes.

Just wanted to tell you - it was great! We have RVed for years - buying our first motorhome in 1977. We learned things we didn't ever know before.

Thanks again.

Clifford & Marvelle Noble

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to say I truly enjoyed your informative DVD, I am a new RV'er and have learned quite a few things. Seeing and hearing your detailed explanations helped me understand the workings of my New 24 ft Motor Home (BTCruiser).

You guys are very good together - I found your interaction very entertaining to say the least. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!

Charlie Guinan

Thank you for the follow up - I feel like I'm communicating with celebrities. I enjoyed the video - as a first time RVer it helped make sense of a lot of things that the dealer didn't explain very well (or explained very quickly) - don't even get me started on the manuals they supplied.

Jamie Lott

Hi, I received the RV Walkthru DVD and it was really entertaining and VERY Informative. Every section was presented with good camera cloes-ups where they were needed and valuable info about the working systems in the RV.

Thanks again.

Lee and Danae Shargel

Thanks for the RV Walk Thru DVD and the E-Book! It is great information… and I didn’t even mind Tim’s singing and you guys foolin around! Keep up the good work and keep em comin!

K. Merrifield

Thank you! The E-Book and DVD are great and just what I needed since I am a newbie just getting started with an old rig! Thanks again!

Teresa Goodwin

The information you’re putting out there is of great value to people like me… with little familiarity with RVs. Thanks to you and Tim for this great info!

R. Carver

Thanks so much to you and your wife on a great DVD! It was a GREAT help to us!

J. Bryce




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